Our Services

The following although not only limited to the list below are some of the services that we do offer very competitive prices and respect all safety rules and in respect of delivery time.

  • Ship/Port agent, including vessels clearance in and out, arranging of all type of crew visas, crew change and airport transfers, provision of all justified financial allocation for vessel and crew.
  • Stevedoring services.
  • Crewing and Manning Agent of all types of offshore vessels, Labor and Man power Supply (6 G pip test welders, Electricians,   Mechanics, Crane Operators, Officers, Painters, Catering Crew etc). Arrete # 084/MINEFOP/SG/DRMO/SDIA/SAC of 09/Dec. 2015.
  • Quality control and inspection,

We also offer ABS certified thickness measurements on ABS class vessels and Rigs. MPI, PT, VT and lifting gear inspection, industrial welding and fitting with certified technicians, (ABS/SGS certified).

Our technicians have a long experience of executing offshore jobs on ships and rigs alongside, on docks and or at anchorage such as NDT jobs like MPI on leg connections, pad eyes, and drill floor equipment.

Thickness gauging on tanks, hulls and heat treatment.

  • Ship Chandler for general provisions, parts, bunkering of vessels, supply of lubricants, potable water supply, refilled oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen and medical oxygen.
  • Offshore maintenance/Afloat repairs.
  • LSA and FFA supplies, Hydro testing, Annual Inspection and Refilling of all types.
  • Shipowner/operator – Speed boat, offshore tug/supply/barges /security vessel hiring and Car hiring services for transportation of materials and personnel.
  • Hiring of heavy-duty yard equipment such as flatbed trucks, cranes, forklifts, compressors, sandblasting and painting materials, generators, welding machines etc.
  • Industrial waste and waste oil disposal, Environmental Permit # 00197 MINEPDED/SC/DNC/SDGDPC of 13 Nov. 2015
  • Fumigation and derating of vessels with official certificates of exemption.
  • Diving jobs including underwater surveys, inspection and hull cleaning and sea chest.
  • Supply, renting out of scaffolding materials and erection of scaffold for onshore and offshore construction.
  • Construction and certification of lifting materials, such as slings, stingers, 2/4way slings/shackles, tow pennants, metal skips etc.

Other Services Include:

  • Stevedoring
  • Shipping and Port agents
  • Offshore maintanance
  • Bunkering
  • Servicing and supplies of LSA/FFA appliances
  • Afloat repairs
  • Transportation and Transport agent
  • Gabbage and Sludge disposal.
  • Labour Supply
  • Underwater video and inspection
  • Crewing/manning

We are currently also a fuel solution to many oil companies that have their vessel (jack-up rigs, barges and supply/tugboats) at Limbe Anchorage, Douala Anchorage, and the Limbe Shipyard. And our fuel supply is done ship to ship and also by tanker truck.